Class Descriptions


With a solid foundation inspired by Anusara Yoga, this Hatha Yoga class focuses on aligning both meditation and anatomical principles in the same practice.  Experience healthful breathing exercises, flow-based combinations of postures, deep focused and well-placed asanas, finishing with restorative poses and meditation.  Anytime of the day, this in-person or virtual class can rejuvenate and energize, and it can help you maintain a healthy and mindful approach to your everyday life.


HIIT Hybrid Fitness

Dynamic warm-ups, yoga sequences, cardiovascular challenges, and functional movement patterns loaded with free weights make this high-intensity interval class a fully integrated workout experience.   This fifty-minute non-stop class is accompanied by various styles of music; it is best barefooted on a yoga mat.

Bodymind Ballwork

Originated by Ellen Saltonstall, this technique uses a variety of different-sized balls to teach you how to relax and restore your body. This guided self-massage workshop instructs you to explore small movements with a ball that promotes the release of bound muscles, increases circulation, and ignites a sense of tranquility through deep breathing and softening of your mental state.

Monday June 7 @ 5:00pm

Monday June 21 @ 5:00pm



Always wanted to learn ballet, or want to train in the fundamentals?  This class level provides simple ballet barre and center floor exercises that can be experienced with in-person classes as well as in the comfort of your own home or private space.  Easy to learn French terminology and beautiful classic music accompanies the class.  Wearing ballet shoes for class enhances the ballet experience.

Modern Dance

Never tried modern dance before, or haven’t done it in a long time?  This class level delivers basic modern dance techniques in a relaxing and creative atmosphere.  It includes beginner level warm-ups and conditioning leading up to simple then more complex dance combinations.  The class is a solid workout to a wide range of fun and fulfilling music choices.  Enjoy training in modern dance with live class sessions or in the comfort of your home or private space.

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