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Connecticut Dance Alliance Award Ceremony Oct. 3rd

I had the honor of receiving this year’s Jump Start Award from Connecticut Dance Alliance, and I joined a lovely ceremony held this past weekend, on Sunday, October 3rd. This award has helped support the beginning of MB Dance Theater, with some funding to assist in dancers’ stipends and costuming of dance pieces.

Yesterday I shared the stage with two other Jump Start recipients, Lili St. Amand and Leanne Zalewski, as well a recipient of the Jill Henderson Award, Barbara Ally, and two Distinguished Achievement Awardees, Libby Nye and Rachna Agrawal.

Along with the award presentations, there were two dance performances by Cristin Gill and Rachna Agrawal. It was wonderful to sit in a theater and get a feeling of live dance once again, an experience that has been gravely compromised due to COVID-19. This event gave a sense of strength and possibility for the upcoming 20th anniversary 5x5 Contemporary Dance Festival, right around the corner on Saturday, November 6th, and it inspired a feeling of future growth in general of live dance performances to come in 2022.

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