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Virtual Ballet Classes 2020

Beginning Ballet

Always wanted to learn ballet, or want to train in the fundamentals?  This class level provides simple ballet barre and center floor exercises that can be explored in the comfort of your own home or private space.  Easy to learn French terminology and beautiful classic music accompanies the class.  Wearing ballet shoes for class enhances the ballet experience.

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Intermediate Ballet

This ballet class is for students who already have experience in ballet and are looking for moderate level training to improve their skills.  Barre and floor exercises progress faster and are more varied and frequent.  The basic terminology of ballet movements is already known.  Clear a space and log in for this intermediate ballet experience.

Professional Ballet

This is an advanced level ballet class available to dancers who have completed college dance programs and are seeking professional-level training to continue their growth in the performing arts.  This class provides more challenging ballet skills that are complex, vary quickly, and they are delivered in a concise manner assuming participants are experienced.  It is strongly recommended that you attend this class only if you have had the appropriate level of training, and/or have done previous ballet classes with Megan Boyd.

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