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Virtual Modern Dance Classes 2020

Beginning Modern Dance

Never tried modern dance before, or haven’t done it in a long time?  This class level delivers basic modern dance techniques in a relaxing and creative atmosphere.  It includes beginner level warm-ups and conditioning leading up to simple then more complex dance combinations.  The class is a solid workout to a wide range of fun and fulfilling music choices.  Enjoy training in modern dance in the comfort of your home or private space.

Next session: 00/00/00 at 0:00 pm ET


Intermediate Modern Dance

Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from training and growing, stay connected and train online with virtual dance class.  This class level is for intermediate dancers who have had previous modern dance training.  The class will provide more complex warm-ups, conditioning and skills, leading up to complex dance combinations.  Even in a confined private space, you will experience a full training session and you will feel results. 

Professional Modern Dance

This is an advanced level modern dance class available to dancers who have completed college dance programs and are seeking professional-level training to continue their growth in the performing arts.  This class provides complex dance skills building up to professional-level dance combinations that challenge the dancer’s body and mind.  It is strongly recommended that you attend this class only if you have had the appropriate level of training, and/or have done previous modern dance classes with Megan Boyd.

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